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The possibility to rent out your property in Valencia Region has become very difficult once the new Law for Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality has been passed last 7th July, 2018. According to the new regulation, any property (apartment, semidetached houses, etc.) could not be aimed to be short term rented out unless a proper certificate of urban compatibility has been issued.

This certificate is requested by the Regional Tourism Authorities in order to get the registration number required to advertise your property in any way, including internet, as all companies are obliged to ask for this number before they can put your house in the market for renting.

In order to get the certificate of urban compatibility an application has to be presented to the Town Hall where the property is situated accompanied with documents such: plans of the site, memory describing the installation and activity planned, need of use for tourism, and fulfillment of the installation as regards as essential public services.

For the moment, the Councils in the area are reluctant to issue such certificates in spite of the fact that the said Law orders that they have to be granted in the term of one month after their application. The Law also says that not granting the certificate in that term shall mean the application to be considered as accepted.